Fuel efficiency consulting, testing, and training. Saving millions for truck fleets.

  • Analytical ap­proach to greater fuel savings

    At InnoMetric, we bring unique skills as fuel efficiency consultants, advisors, educators, and partners to trucking fleets and their product suppliers.

    We have racecar testing in our DNA and a passion for precision. Learn more about the InnoMetric Advantage here.

  • Answers that fleets and product sup­pliers can trust

    We help trucking fleets and suppliers of fuel efficiency products gain a clear understanding of product payback and ROI through real-world testing.

    We’ve found millions of dollars in annual savings for truck fleets. And we’ve helped fuel economy product suppliers prove they’re not making “snake oil” claims about fuel mileage improvements.

  • Fuel efficiency testing that sets a new standard

    InnoMetric has revolutionized fuel efficiency testing in the trucking industry.

    We use proprietary tools and methods to provide what has been sorely lacking: reliable, accurate answers and clear direction to guide fuel-saving investments.

Improving truck fuel efficiency for Mesilla Valley Transportation“We depend on InnoMetric to help us improve our fuel mileage. The investments we make in testing have paid for themselves many times over.”

Learn why Mesilla Valley Transportation – the most fuel efficient trucking fleet in North America – relies on InnoMetric MPG above all others for expertise regarding fuel mileage gains.