About InnoMetric MPG – The Fuel Efficiency Experts

Innovative fuel efficiency testing and analysis methods. Real-world metrics driven by a focus on accuracy and precision.

We are InnoMetric MPG and we’ve made it significantly easier to make fuel economy improvements in the trucking industry.

We first earned our stripes in the auto racing industry, honing state-of-the-art skills in racecar testing, analysis, and improvements. It’s a challenging and high-stakes environment that leaves almost zero margin for error, where fractional percentage performance gains often make the difference between taking the checkered flag and not even finishing the race.

We now apply this precision and skill-set to the science of improving fuel efficiency in the trucking industry of North America, where we serve as trusted fuel efficiency partners for truck fleets and their product suppliers.

We invite you to learn more about the InnoMetric Advantage and all that we can do for you.