November 23, 2015   Leave a comment

Welcome to InnoMetric MPG!

If we look familiar, you may recognize us from our previous image as Innovative Fuel Solutions. We made great strides helping truck fleets improve fuel economy with our revolutionary fuel efficiency test methods. We helped product suppliers prove their products’ value too. We still do that and we’ve added more services to our roster: fuel efficiency consulting and training.

Why the name change to ‘InnoMetric MPG’?

We’re still very innovative in our approach to understanding fuel economy in the trucking industry. That will never change. But while adding some new services, we also wanted a new name that said fuel economy – literally. And in trucking it’s all about ‘MPG’. So where does ‘Metric’ come from? We set a new metric in fuel efficiency testing and progress and we wanted our name to say that. Since precise measurement and analysis are also big parts of what we do, ‘Metric’ helps us make that connection too.

So here we are… InnoMetric MPG… with a new and updated website.

Why new services?

We found our clients needed more than just testing and reliable answers on fuel savings. They needed help with all the other steps – from sorting through the product options to making the best choices easier, faster, and with greater confidence. That’s what our consulting does. We also found our clients wanted to learn more about fuel efficiency themselves so they could understand what was really happening, dispel myths, and make better decisions. That’s why we now provide training.

Fuel efficiency has been a very misunderstood topic in the trucking industry – in every industry, actually. It just so happens that with the amount of fuel consumed in trucks and the size of the industry, it’s most critical here. Our mission is to bring clarity by helping truck fleets and the industry as a whole. We look forward to working with new and existing clients and helping this essential industry keep getting better. While it keeps on truckin’, we’ll keep it savin’.

We look forward to seeing you around and hearing your feedback. Drop us an email or dial us up any time. We’d be glad to hear from you.