Questions and Answers about InnoMetric and Truck Fuel Economy

At InnoMetric, we enjoy helping our clients and other industry colleagues understand the essentials of truck fuel economy, as well as the InnoMetric approach and benefits. The Q&A below addresses many of the questions we often hear.

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How will InnoMetric maximize our fuel savings?

In two ways: First, our testing has the unique capability of measuring every fuel savings opportunity that exists. Other methods aren’t capable of doing that, so we find more savings, optimize every product and spec decision, and get our clients the most savings possible.

Second, our InnoMetric Fuel Efficiency Assessment shows the best areas for improvement, specific to the fleet. Our assessment isn’t just about the equipment; it’s about finding what works for the fleet’s unique operations, maintenance factors, and financial goals. Combining the most savings with target oriented solutions is how we maximize our client’s savings.

How will I know InnoMetric test numbers are real?

Simply put – we will prove it. How we prove it depends on our clients’ needs. If you want to see real-world fuel savings, visible with your own eyes – or fuel bill – we can prove the savings that way. Also, our systems are 100% scientific, which we can show in layman’s terms.

Our clients have found this highly valuable, calling it eye-opening, myth-busting, confidence-building, and snake-oil blasting. Our seminars are extremely educational and help to demystify the truths about better fuel efficiency, testing, and products.

How much does testing cost?

Our fees vary by requirements, which we always optimize with organization and planning. Fleets typically see an extremely rapid payback of just 3-5 days from our testing. This is because our fees are very reasonable and find a lot in fuel savings.

Our clients typically describe our fees as a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to the savings. By comparison, any fleet using trailer skirts will appreciate that our testing has a payback about 100 times faster, making it an obvious decision for any fleet today.

What products or specs can InnoMetric test?

We can and do test everything that may impact fuel efficiency. This includes any product or vehicle spec being considered. InnoMetric testing typically includes aerodynamics, tires, lubricants, additives, drivetrain, engine, add-on systems for engines…the list is truly endless. Read more about our fuel efficiency testing services and then contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Why is InnoMetric testing better than other test methods?

Accurate Results. Greater Profits. Time Savings. Simplicity. Real-world answers for real-world savings. InnoMetric testing is truly better in every way vs. other methods available for testing truck fleet fuel efficiency. We are vehicle testing experts with experience in other vehicle industries and with all other test methods. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of all methods and created the InnoMetric program to take fuel efficiency testing to a much higher level.

Other test methods do not prove real-world fuel savings. They may measure aerodynamic drag or percent fuel changes, or even have intriguing simulation videos, but they cannot measure the fuel savings a fleet will see in their real-world, daily operations. That is a critical fault of other methods and it severely limits fleet managers who are trying to make solid business decisions with high confidence.

Alternative test methods have their place in vehicle development, but with fuel economy they fall short in several key areas. We cover many of these topics in our fuel efficiency training.

Why does our company need a fuel efficiency expert?

Internally, fleets do not have the tools, experience, resources, or spare time to focus on fuel efficiency. That is very costly to fleets and also wastes time and causes confusion. Our fuel efficiency consulting experts fix that and find more savings, while also saving fleet personnel time and reducing frustration and complexity.

Why does our company need fuel efficiency training?

InnoMetric’s fuel efficiency training will help your company understand fuel savings, associated profits, and how to optimize the benefits for your company’s specific situation. They will boost your intelligence in this critical operational area and make you a more independent thinker when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Our training also helps your company communicate effectively about fuel savings and make smart, confident decisions so you can progress effectively. Our fleet clients find added bonuses in overcoming skepticism about fuel efficiency, settling debates, and dealing better with product vendors.

What fuel economy products have the best payback?

Fleet operators are very pleased to learn that the best payback options are often also the easiest. These gains come from items already in use, such as tires, lubricants, and vehicle specs. Since the company already spends significant money in these areas, any savings found have an instant or very fast payback, making them great investments for fleets and very easy profit boosters to implement.

These savings can accumulate to major profits. Individually, the savings are small and require very precise measurement. Other test methods cannot detect them with accuracy or confidence. That is why InnoMetric testing is so powerful. We help fleets find the best savings options that are so often right there for the taking.

How much can fuel efficiency actually be improved?

10+ MPG is very achievable with Class-7 and -8 equipment in everyday use, using products already on the market. That is more than 60% above the industry average 6 MPG. Most fleets dream of 1% savings. That is easy. What has not been easy is measuring 1% savings, which InnoMetric has fixed, much to the advantage of our clients. In essence, fuel efficiency can be improved as much as a company is prepared to achieve.

The limiting factor is no longer knowing what to do; it’s doing it, which is why InnoMetric provides consulting services to complement our testing.

Why is improving fuel efficiency so challenging?

It’s not, if you have the right tools and follow the right steps. In fact, it’s much easier to increase profits from fuel efficiency than by making the fleet larger – the way most fleets have increased profits in the past. Improving fuel efficiency doesn’t require any extra miles, drivers, vehicles, or jobs. It’s just about doing the same job while using less fuel. In the past, the trucking industry lacked reliable information on fuel savings, which led to confusion, mixed results, and stymied progress.

These practical roadblocks have been discussed and published by many of the leading organizations in the industry. With InnoMetric’s ability to overcome previous obstacles, fleets have the knowledge to make smart, confident decisions and optimize their profits from fuel efficiency.