The trucking industry is awash in product vendors making claims about fuel efficiency gains. Fleet operators are justifiably wary about “snake oil” promises and need hard proof that these products will save them money in real-world conditions.

InnoMetric can measure the actual fuel savings of a fuel efficiency product under real-world conditions and provide proof to a potential buyer. We help increase product sales, connect qualified vendors with decision-ready fleets, reduce time-to-market for product improvements, focus product R&D efforts, and avoid critical mistakes that jeopardize product success in the field.


Fuel savings products are a great business opportunity, but there is a very fine line between success and failure that most companies don’t discover until it’s too late. InnoMetric consulting services provide product companies the greatest chances for success. Our clients avoid mistakes that are common with sales, marketing, and engineering that have crippled the success of many products.

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You have a great fuel efficiency product and you know it works. Your engineers and sales team believe in it completely and you’re excited to get it into truck fleets right away.

There’s only one problem: the fleets don’t believe you and they’re not buying. They’ve heard it all before and have been burned a few too many times by exaggerated product claims and unreliable test results.

InnoMetric helps you change that. Our high-tech fuel efficiency testing program provides fleets the answers they need to make product purchase decisions – and we have proven success.

Every fleet is pur­su­ing fuel sav­ings but they need re­li­able an­swers on the sav­ings and prof­its to make clear de­ci­sions. In the past this was not read­ily avail­able due to test­ing in­ad­e­qua­cies, which has made the in­dus­try skep­ti­cal and cau­tious –hence why fleets have lit­tle trust in prod­uct sup­plier claims. InnoMetric fixes that by pro­vid­ing re­li­able an­swers, along with de­tailed ex­pla­na­tions (e.g., re­sults and ex­am­ples) so that fleet man­agers fully un­der­stand prod­uct per­for­mance and have the con­fi­dence re­quired to make the best de­ci­sions.

Everyone benefits. Fleets save fuel and money and suppliers sell more while simplifying and reducing their product sales cycle. We can also provide SAE test methods for Smartway certification.

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Our training sessions help product suppliers understand how their products truly affect fuel efficiency and their client’s bottom line – and decisions. This helps suppliers improve their communications with fleet operators and move the sales process forward. It also helps them understand where their products perform best, what their best market segments are, and how to prove the product’s value to these fleets.

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