Diesel fuel is the liquid gold of trucking fleets, representing the #1 expense for long-haul and regional fleets. Even small improvements in fuel economy can result in millions of dollars saved, with dramatic impact to the company’s bottom line.

InnoMetric is your partner for fuel efficiency gains. We work closely with our fleet clients to find them millions in fuel savings through a range of consulting, testing, and training services.


Until now, truck fleets have been self-reliant on fuel efficiency because the industry has lacked reliable information that fleet decision makers can trust.

Those days are over. InnoMetric provides fleets with the tools, resources, experience, and direction that have proven critical to fleet fuel economy success. We move fleets through a program we call the Six Steps of MPG Improvement, bringing them faster and easier success that drives more profits.

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When fleets need credible answers on fuel savings, InnoMetric’s high-tech fuel efficiency testing provides what they need to make the best decisions on fuel savings products, specs, and adjustments. The established (but now outdated) SAE test method can’t do this. It lacks accuracy, precision, and proper accounting for the wide range of real-world operating conditions. It cannot provide reliable answers for a fleet’s real-world savings.

Our testing also provides the cornerstone for a comprehensive MPG Improvement program, enabling fleets to explore options quickly and easily to maximize their fuel savings and profits.

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InnoMetric’s fuel efficiency training services help fleets understand fuel economy in trucking, providing critical knowledge that sheds light on a fleet’s largest cost and major profit opportunity. Our training sessions also show how to maximize fuel savings and profits, evaluate products and options, and understand the science behind fuel consumption on trucks.

InnoMetric training teaches you the most important essentials of fuel efficiency in the trucking industry. We provide the knowledge and insights you need to maximize fuel savings and operating profits in short timeframes.

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