Fuel Efficiency Consulting for Truck Fleets and Product Suppliers

Fuel efficiency consulting with truck fleets and product suppliers is a core area of focus for InnoMetric. We bring the methodology, tools, and resources needed to ensure success in our MPG improvement and validation engagements.


InnoMetric consultants help truck fleets save fuel, money, and time. We bring clarity and focus to an area that has long been hampered by confusion, frustration, and a lot of wasted money. With InnoMetric’s help, fuel becomes much more than just a cost center. It becomes a fleet’s greatest opportunity for unlocking profits and new competitive advantage. Fleets that have worked with InnoMetric have reduced their annual fuel costs by millions of dollars.

In the past, making more money meant making your fleet bigger. Now it’s about getting better – by saving fuel. It’s a lot easier because there are no extra miles, trucks, drivers, or loads. There is so much room for improvement and InnoMetric is here to help you unlock those profits with our unique fuel efficiency consulting methods and tools.

Fuel is money, and so is your time. Our programs save our clients precious hours and days through efficient project execution. We fully understand that a fleet’s main priority is to keep trucks moving and generating revenue. Our approach completely respects that.

Following InnoMetric’s Six Steps of MPG Improvement fuel efficiency consulting program makes fuel savings easy for our clients, systematically leading them to the best solutions with the least amount of time and effort. This program is used in full or in part, depending solely on the fleet’s unique requirements. The program enables fleets to optimize their available time and resources – improving fuel efficiency without disrupting operations.

Fuel efficiency consulting - 6 steps of MPG improvement
The InnoMetric Fuel Efficiency Improvement Process

We have proven success with major truck fleets, acting as their true partners and trusted advisors at all levels required. We can manage an entire fuel efficiency program for you or simply provide expertise on an as-needed basis. InnoMetric has raised the bar immensely for fuel efficiency consulting programs through a combination of practical science, knowledge, and verified results.

Fuel Efficiency Product Suppliers

InnoMetric’s consulting services for fuel efficiency product suppliers complement what we do for fleets. Our aim is to help suppliers validate the fuel savings of deserving products and get them more readily accepted by truck fleets looking for legitimate fuel cost savings.

Many fuel efficiency product suppliers get stalled in their sales process because fleets simply lack confidence that a vendor’s claims are true and worthy of the investment risk.

“What if our product doesn’t work as advertised in a specific fleet’s real-world operation?”

“What if we can’t prove our product’s savings with measured results?”

That’s a black eye for everyone involved… and potentially a lot of wasted money for the fleet operator.

Product suppliers can overcome these challenges by engaging InnoMetric for fuel efficiency consulting and product validation services. We can help prove – to you and your fleet prospects – that your product deserves serious consideration.

We can also help product suppliers in other aspects as well, including product design, marketing/messaging, and target market selection.

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